In our globalizing world and in its rapidly developing structure, our company, Sen-er Textile Ltd., has been acting since 1991 in the textile industry, which is one of the prominent industrial branches undertaking the motion as an economical locomotive to give hope for the future of a developing country like Turkey.

Our policy has always been presenting the best quality materials at the cheapest price to our valuable customers in order to support them in the very tuff market conditions. By holding up this flag that we have been carrying up to today through the successful marketing research and technical services executed on the subject of dying fabrics, we believe that our company’s esteemed place in the industry has been obtained by its existing technical services as well as its good quality products, but we also strongly aware the fact that maintaining this place requires more work and more services.


Our plants in Turkey and in Mersin Free Trade Zone are storeged with reactive ,acid and direct dyes totally more than 300mt on purpose of meeting customers demands immediately.
Through our well established, technologically developed laboratory, our well trained chemical engineers, chemistry technicians and employees we give engineering and customer services on any customer demand.
Any achievement in our century has been modified in to a collective or institutional success in having gone beyond individualism. In this logic , for the purpose of speed customer service , our company has gone out of the central management understanding and has given responsibilities to its employees in the cooperation framework between university and industry.
In carrying the honor of putting a signature under a big public service project by manipulating itself towards human resources and passing the technical built up it owns to young employees.
As a result of this project well trained young employees have been executing an active motion in the industry, further more every year new employees are added to them in the cooperation frame work with universities.
Our purpose is to make a significant attribution to the well-trained employee requirement of the market.
In doing so, under the current circumstances of harsh competition, both our esteemed customers and our company are more competitive through our best quality Eco-Tex standard goods in being accurately used both in domestic and international markets. 
With this philosophy, our company tries hard to serve both inland and abroad with an understanding of permanent research and development together with well trained employees. We know well that having continues function in a market in being stronger and stronger, becoming a trade mark, states a meaning beyond being obligatory for a company under the sharp competition. That is why, it is high sentiment that any of our employees as a member of company internationally functioning feels by hearth to upgrade himself with the innovations , new technologies and to submit those to you to further relieve you under the difficult market conditions. 
For that reason, it is the entity of our company to own a work force in working hard, renovating permanently his training and targeting to serve perfectly to their customers in all levels.
Yours faithfully ...


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